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Diploma in Early Childhood Education


The Diploma in ECE qualification will equip ECE teachers with the following: 

  • Knowledge of child development from birth to six years; 
  • Knowledge and application of appropriate safety measures in child learning environments; 
  • Competence in providing childcare services that are in accordance with relevant policies and 
  • Legislative framework as well as global best practices; 
  • Knowledge and application of appropriate pedagogical processes for early childhood education; 
  • Competence in ECD curriculum development and implementation in ECD centres and Nongovernmental organisations; 
  • Ability to advocate for Children’s rights and supervise in ECD programmes.



This programme provides candidates with educational and professional skills needed to be outstanding leaders in modern education systems. Successful candidates may find themselves in any of the following positions: 

  • Early Childhood Education Teacher 
  • Education Manager/Supervisor 
  • Child Care Centre Owner 
  • Child Care Centre Director 
  • Early Childhood Entrepreneur



Access and inclusion to this qualification will be fair and equal to all applicants from a wide range of learning and work experience: 



  1. Applicants must have obtained at least NCQF Level 4, Certificate IV (or equivalent) in General Education with a pass in English Language to accumulate 360 Credits. 
  2. Applicants must have successfully completed NCQF Level 5, Certificate V in Early Childhood Education or its equivalent from a recognised qualification to accumulate 240 Credits.



  1. Applicants on mature entry should have successfully completed level 4 with at least three (3) years’ work experience in the related field. The applicant must also produce a reference letter confirming experience on the job training and stating the number of years. 



The mode of delivery for this programme includes both full-time and part-time arrangements. The Diploma in Early Childhood Education runs for 36 months (3 years) for full-time learners, and 42 months (3 and a1/2 years) for part-time learners.