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Foundation & Intermediate Courses for Deputy Sheriffs and Court Bailiffs

Programme Type : Full Time

Fees : Fees

Faculty : Law and Para-Legal studies

Entry requirements :  2 credits

Department : Law

Programme Duration : 1 Year



This programme is premised on the understanding that there is no basic formal professional training for Deputy Sheriffs, Court Bailiffs, Debt Collectors, and other personnel in related fields, and yet they are an integral component in the dispensation of justice in Botswana. The power to attach and execute property, for example, must be exercised judiciously.


This programme is ideal for Deputy Sheriffs; Court Bailiffs; Debt Collectors; and other personnel in related fields. Successful completion of the requirements of the certificate will enable candidates to articulate into higher level programmes. 


  1. Candidates must have obtained at least two (2) credits at BGCSE or equivalent including English language Candidates must have a minimum of two years’ work experience in any legal or Para-legal related field A higher qualification will be an added advantage. OR 
  2. Special Entry: Candidates who do not have minimum academic qualifications stated above, but have minimum of three years working experience in any legal or Paralegal related field will be considered. 


The programme is taught over a period of one year divided into two semesters (12 Months).