Ms. Boipelo Retshabile

Manager, Examinations, Graduation and Student Records

Ms. Boipelo G. Retshabile is the Manager- Examinations, Student Records & Graduation.
She has extensive experience in the administration and management of summative
assessments, student academic records and certification in BA ISAGO University spanning
over 10 years. She is responsible for the planning, supervision and implementation of
assessment related functions including the formulation and review of Divisional policies to
guide and inform the processes and procedures for efficiency in service delivery. She serves
as the Secretariat for the Academic Affairs Board (AAB) and the Graduation Committee.
She is currently serving as a Board Member of the Technical Education and Training
Examination Board (TETEB) which ratifies the examination results for DTT &TE under the
Department of Teacher Training and Technical Education.

She holds a Master of Business Administration in International Business ( Amity University)
Master of Education in Counselling and Human Services (University of Botswana) B-Tech
Public Relations Management ( Durban University of Technology) and Post Graduate
Certificate in Education ( University of North West).

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