Dr Bolatumi Oyegoke , Dean FE

Dr Bolatumi Oyegoke

Acting Dean, Faculty of Education

Bolatumi Omoniyi Oyegoke holds a PhD in Adult Education from the University of Botswana and a Master’s Degree in Adult Education, which she completed together with her cause work in Educational Management from the University of Ibadan. 

She obtained a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (specializing in Science and Social Studies curriculum) and also completed her B.S.C. in Chemistry, Geography and Environmental Planning from the University of Swaziland.  

As a lifelong learning advocate; she is a motivated lifelong learner herself, she is currently pursuing a Postgraduate Certificate in Quality Assurance in Education from the Botswana Open University.  She is an assiduous scholar, researcher, and experienced trainer. Her teaching experience is varied at primary secondary and tertiary levels of education. Dr Oyegoke is equipped with the versatility and rigour required for intensive academic pursuit. 

She is skilled in collaborative interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary academic engagements. Her research interests include and not limited to community development, environmental education, climate change, gender issues, waste management and training.  She is amiable and relates well with her colleagues and students.  She is also a member of a number of international organisations including, World Education Fellowship (WEF), Promoting Integrating and Mobilizing Adult Learning and Education (PIMA) and Global Education Network. Her administrative responsibilities include Acting Dean of Education and Head of Department of Education Administration and Leadership Management at BA ISAGO University.

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