Ms. Dorah Scotch

Manager, Library

Ms. Dorah Scotch holds a Master’s Degree in Library and Information Studies attained from University of Botswana with a solid background on different information repositories. 

She has compact work experience of twelve years (12) attained from working from all types of information centers including libraries(academic) ,schools ,museums and archives and records management. 

Ms. Scotch provides proactive strategic  direction  and professional leadership and direction in advancing the University’s teaching, learning and research through  a  clear  vision  of  the  library’s  role,  comprehensive  strategic  planning, adoption  of  emerging  technologies,  and  sound  fiscal Management. 

She also reviews, formulates and implements Library policies, practices, initiatives and processes to support the Library’s mission and goals to meet the set objectives.  Additionally she ensures cost effectiveness in all aspects of library operations through development of effective print and electronic resources collections, services, facility, integrated University Campus libraries, and management budget and human resource.  

She has extensive background of cataloguing, classification, collection development, lending/circulation, reference research, current awareness research services, staff training, and production management reports. 

In addition, Ms. Scotch has the ability to teach, motivate, and direct students and different clients while maintaining high interest and achievement. 

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