Mr. Joseph Raisi

Senior Teaching and Learning Systems Analyst

Mr. Joseph Raisi holds a MSc. in Computer Science from University of Botswana, MBA and BSc Computer Science from National University of Science and Technology. He has over 20 years of work experience in the Information Technology field and has spent more than 15 years as a manager. Mr. Raisi has experience in various sectors which include the Banking Sector, Information Technology Sectors, Printing, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Agriculture and Higher Tertiary Sector.  

He joined BA ISAGO University in 2010 and has since helped transform the then Institute into a University in 2015. During his time as IT Manager, he implemented a number of projects which include the University’s website, designing the University Data Centre, Networking the three campuses, implementing a number of software projects which include the Sage Evolution, Sage 300 People, Student Information Management System, Astria ACMS and LMS. 

He is also familiar and well experienced in research and training and has substantial exposure to data processing, hardware platforms, enterprise software applications, and outsourced services. Mr. Raisi has an excellent understanding of computer systems characteristics, features, and integration capabilities and is also very familiar with modern aspects of computing, including high performance computing, cloud and hybrid, hyper-converged computing, and software defined infrastructure.

Mr. Raisi has sound interpersonal relations and ability to take the lead within a team and he can function effectively within a diverse multilingual and multicultural environments.

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