Mrs. Lucia Moroka

Faculty Administrator

Lucia Moroka is a Faculty Administrator and a lecturer in the Faculty of the Built Environment, Arts and Science. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Land Management and is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Agricultural Engineering specializing in Land Use Planning. She is a young researcher and an aspiring author. Her research interests are in Land use for Sustainable Growth.

Ms. Moroka has more than 9 years lecturing experience in areas of Geomatics, Land Economics, Land and Housing Policy and Property Management and Law. She is also versatile with curriculum and teaching manual development. She is a qualified Assessor. She has more than 7 years in administration gained from being a Head of Department for
Real Estate for 2 years and 5 years as a Faculty Administrator.

Providing efficiency and effectiveness within the Department and Faculty through upholding the quality standards set by the University has been dominant in her work as an Administrator. Ms. Moroka has shown leadership skills throughout her journey in BA ISAGO University to be among employees of excellence in the institution. Lucia is a counselor and a life coach that believes in empowering a girl child and young women in becoming what they aspire to be.

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