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BCom Degree in Banking and Finance

Programme Type : Full Time

Fees : Fees

Faculty : Commerce

Entry requirements : 5 credits

Department : Accounting and Finance

Programme Duration : 4 Years


[The regulation for this programme shall be read in conjunction with BA ISAGO General Regulations] 


The Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Banking and Finance program’s objective is to prepare students to think critically and find new ways to understand the financial services industry. Students should learn to communicate effectively on all levels and acquire leadership skills in the banking industry to become an initiator of change by making complex and difficult decisions using modern finance, marketing and management analysis methods. 

Career Opportunities 

  • Financial Planner
  • Investment Banker
  • Bank Manager
  • Credit Manager
  • Credit Counselor
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Investment Counselor
  • Stock Broker
  • Actuary
  • Claim Representative
  • Bursar
  • Insurance Agent and Broker
  • Accountant
  • Budget Accountant
  • Financial Aid Officer
  • Internal Auditor
  • Treasurer
  • Credit Analyst
  • Educator

Entry Requirements 

  • Applicants must have obtained at least five credits at Botswana General Certificate of Secondary Education or its equivalent including a pass in English language OR
  • Candidates must have successfully completed a diploma in Banking & Finance or its equivalent from BA ISAGO University College, or any recognised institution.
  • Special Entry: Candidates who do not have the minimum academic qualifications stated above, but have five years relevant work experience in a related field, will be considered upon satisfying the requirements of the Academic Affairs Board that might include an entrance interview.

Programme Structure


Lectures are held as follows:

  • The Degree programme will run over duration of 48 months (4 years) for full-time learners and sixty months (5 years) for part-time learners
  • The programme consists of 32 Modules plus 6 months compulsory work related attachment, which is done in the level 3 or third year and assessed in terms of BA ISAGO University Workplace/Internship policy.


Learners will be assessed on the basis of the following:

  • Coursework
  • Mid-term examinations
  • Workplace Attachment
  • Final examinations
  • Part-time: 17.30-20.00 Monday to Friday
  • Full-time: 8.00- 17.00 Monday to Friday