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Masters in Educational Leadership and Managemente

Programme Type : Part Time

Fees : Fees

Faculty : Education

Entry requirements : Applicants should hold a first degree in any teaching arts, science and technology subjects obtained from a recognized university locally or internationally. Or 1.2 Applicants should have completed the Post Graduate Educational Diploma in Leadership O

Department : Teacher Education and development

Programme Duration :



The Masters in Educational Leadership and Management is designed for those who have experience of working in schools, colleges and other educational institutions, who seek to develop a better understanding of how educational leadership influences the performance of staff and students. It is a unique programme customized to the varying needs of people wishing to pursue leadership roles at different levels within Botswana’s education system and internationally. The modules offered in the programme are carefully harmonized into emphasis on integration of theory and practice. A unique focus is the emphasis upon supporting practice based inquiry through which theories may be applied to practice in the work place.

Career Opportunities:

This programme provides candidates with educational and professional skills needed to be outstanding leaders in modern education systems. Successful candidates may find themselves in any of the following positions:

•             Educational Administrator

•             Researcher

•             Counselor and Quality Assurance Officer

•             School Principal

•             Educational Policy Analyst

•             Lecturer / Teacher Educator

•             Inspector of Education

•             Educational Policy Maker

•             Senior Manager in Ministry of Education etc.

Furthermore, it gives them access to the recent Botswana and international research that is shaping Botswana’s new educational policy and practice, and provides numerous opportunities to integrate relevant findings into their own leadership work. Similarly the programme will:

•             Provide leadership in an educational context.

•             Apply management principles in an educational context.

•             Develop marketing strategies for educational institutions.

•             Administer financial resources in an educational institution.

•             Administer human resources in an educational institution.

•             Evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the functioning of educational institutions.