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Dr Morvyn Nyakudya (PhD)
Dean , School of Graduate Studies and Research

The School of Graduate Studies and Research is crucial to the rolling out of the BA ISAGO University Vision and Mission statements by offering Graduate and Post-Graduate study programmes. The primary role of SGSR is the proper running and coordination of post graduate programmes offered by the University’s Four Faculties. As core to knowledge management, BA ISAGO University, through the School, will participate in building of a knowledge-based economy by providing leaners with industry focused programmes. The School creates educational opportunities to diverse groups of members of the society. The programmes are offered in various modalities to cater for the working class. Those in different fara flung places and even those taking learning opportunities head-on after being out of academic space for a long time. In order to provide quality and effective programmes, the School observes all parameters of quality and relevance by conforming to established Botswana Qualifications Authority (BQA) standards and even to institutional regulations.

Through the Graduate School, the University is competitive in today’s rapidly changing academic landscape. The Research and Innovation Unit within the SGSR’s overall objective is to raise the profile and impact of the Research Agenda of the University through stimulating and driving research and innovation in a structured and coordinated manner across the University community, including undergraduate and graduate studies.

This responsibility can be expressed in six specific goals of the Unit, which are to: 

GOAL 1 Broaden research participation by academic staff through training every staff member. 

GOAL 2 Raise the quality of research that is carried out in the University

GOAL 3 Support and coordinate research across the institution 

GOAL 4 Extend internationalisation through research collaboration, student, staff and programme exchange 

GOAL 5 Act as the link between BA ISAGO University and all organisations on research and innovation matters

GOAL 6 Beneficiate the intellectual property from graduate and undergraduate student theses. 

The Unit has developed a multi-pronged strategy to realise these goals. This strategy includes developing policies, creating research management structures as well as designing and implementing various activities that are being implemented both within the research management structures and outside, covering training in research through workshops, applying for research funding, ethical conduct in research and innovation. 

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